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We provide you with an established platform within the film community to help you reach your creative goals. It is our mission to support and empower the building of sustainable careers. RoJCrowd is about building a film community where filmmakers can get the support they need to share their passion with film enthusiasts from all over the world.

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You got that idea for your next film project? Sign in and create a new project. You decide if you want to start a crowdfunding project within a specific time limit, specific time limit & goal, or a campaign with an open end date.

Go live

We will check your details. As soon as your project is live, we will notify you. In your personal dashboard you always have a detailed overview of the current status of your project and you can keep your funders informed with project updates.

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Now you're off. Share your project with your friends and family. The more folk who see your project, the greater the chance that your project will be realized through funding.

Prepare your campaign

We want to make crowdfunding as easy as possible for you. That's why your crowdfunding campaign is made up of these main parts: Your video, your visuals, your campaign description, and your chosen rewards.

What happens next?

After successfully funding your project, you can submit a request for payment within your account. Once we have received and reviewed your request, we will pay out the amount you have raised to your account within 5 to 14 business days.

Even if your funding goal has not been reached, you have the option to withdraw your raised funds. Please note that also in this case you are responsible for sending the rewards to the respective supporters.

If you have not reached your fundraising goal by the end of the project period and we have not received a request for withdrawal of the funds raised, we will refund the funds back to the donors.


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Make it official

After your campaign is approved, you are welcome to use our badges (PNG with transparency) for your promotional purposes.

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