Frequently Asked Questions

For backers

Only with your support the next story can be realized.

Crowdfunding is essential for some filmmakers. That's why their supporters become so important in helping creators realize their projects.

When placing a donation or selecting a reward, enter the amount you wish to donate or click the button below the reward to go to the pledging page. Enter your billing details and your credit or debit card information. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Your card will be charged immediately and we will send you a receipt.

Campaigns on RoJCrowd differ between Target Goal, Target date, Target goal & date or Campaign never ends. A campaign is considered successful when it reaches its set funding goal. The funds will then be forwarded to the creative.
If creatives are not successful and the fundraising goal is not reached, we will refund your pledge to the card you used at that time, if the project creator does not request a payout. We will send you a receipt once this is done, but we will not contact you in advance.
However, campaign creators have the option of making a request for payout of the donated funds, even if the set campaign goal has not been reached. The funds collected up to that date will then be forwarded to the creative. Also in that case, the campaign owners are committed to send the rewards to the donors.

No. The donation process is very easy. To back a campaign, select the desired campaign and follow the instructions until checkout.

Projects on RoJCrowd allow overfunding. Funding campaigns will continue until their respective end date, even if the set target amount has already been reached or exceeded. The project creator will use the extra funds to improve their project or may use some of the money to deliver additional rewards. The project creator is expected to post regular updates to their community within the project describing exactly how they will use the additional funds.

We work with Stripe, for online payment processing. Stripe charges a small fee for each transaction. In most countries, this is around 3% per transaction. For example in the USA it is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. We have no influence on this. A detailed list of fees for the respective countries can be found here.

You have the possibility to cancel a donation at any time. Please note that this is possible up to 24 hours before the end of the respective campaign. After that, a refund is no longer possible. To do so, use our contact form here and write to us with the subject “Cancel donation”. Please include the exact campaign details. We will then arrange a refund and your amount should be refunded to your card within 4-10 business days.

After 24 hours before the campaign expires or after the campaign has been successfully funded, please contact the project creator to request a refund. Refunds during this period are at the discretion of the project creator.

Sure, this is possible. At checkout, you have the option to make your donation anonymously. You will then be listed as “Anonymous” in the public donation list of the project.

Please note that the project creator will be informed about your donation and will receive your personal details. This is necessary to determine where to send the rewards.

Yes. You will be listed as “Anonymous” on the public donation list, but the project creator will receive your personal details and know where to send your reward.

We ask you to check the project page first to see if there are any updates. Project creators regularly keep supporters updated within their projects. It is quite possible that there are delays. If there is still no news after a reasonable period of time, please contact us. We will then contact the respective project creator for you.

When a request is made by the campaign owner to withdraw funds from a campaign, the campaign will be stopped from the time of the request. Further funds donated in the meantime will not be accepted and will be refunded to the donors.

No worries, just contact us! We will do our best to answer your questions.