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RoJCrowd is the place where filmmakers and film enthusiasts get together to realize the next big stories, to exchange ideas and to promote the film community. But most of all, to do one thing: Get inspired by the world of entertainment. Here you will find the latest crowdfunding projects in the following topics and many more:

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With our film platform we are in the middle of the film business. We have a continuously growing community, which is a great combination of filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

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We offer compeditor fees that are within the industry standard: only 5% of the funds raised goes to the platform.


In your personal dashboard you have a detailed and transparent overview of your projects at any time and can choose between different campaign methods.

The right community

With over 500 short films published on Retrospective of Jupiter, RoJCrowd - belonging to the same brand - is the perfect platform for your project to get the attention it deserves. Your film project will be announced, right there where the film enthusiasts are.

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